Fesitval Republic “Community” page revised on 9th Sept 2021:

Wireless events will now “finish at 21:30 during the festival 10th September– 12th September” (previously it was shown as 10pm Fri and Sat).

The adverstiesed end time of Fesitval Republic Resident’s and local Biz letter: Community Letter FINAL V3.pdf  (3rd Aug 2021) shows the wrong end time as it has been superceded to be 21.30.

Park Closure Sign  Park Closure Sign (pdf)

Road closures and details of the traffic management plan


Expect local disruption and a major police operation over Fri 10th to Sunday 12th Sept for Wireless Festival.
There will be 20+ road closures or access restrictions, or new parking/loading enforcements, or footway widenings around the park or local high streets.  Note. Some temporary parking restrictions will have tow away patrols in operation.

Parking restrictions Anerley Park Road and Thicket Road.


Wireless Festival has a dedicated community team managing the events. We will be your main point of contact over the coming weeks and during the event and are very happy to speak to you about any concerns or queries you may have.

You can contact us via email on cp.residents@festivalrepublic.com.

Community Hotline:

  • Event Days: 020 8396 7701
  • Community Hotline: 07940 499 510
  • Build & Break Days: 07940 499 510 (from 08:00hrs – 20:00hrs)


Friday 10, Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 September 2021
Between 2030 and 2345

Route 157 towards Croydon

From Crystal Palace Bus Station, right Crystal Palace Parade, ahead Crystal Palace Parade, right Westwood Hill, right Crystal Palace Park Road, ahead High Street Penge, right Croydon Road and ahead Croydon Road to line of route.

Routes 249 and 432 to terminate at Crystal Palace Bus station

From Westow Hill at Crystal Palace Parade, left Crystal Palace Parade, right Crystal Palace Bus Station to stand.

Route 249 and 432 towards Brixton or Clapham Common

From Crystal Palace Bus Station, left Crystal Palace Parade, ahead Church Road and line of route.

Routes 358 and N3 towards Beckenham

From Crystal Palace Bus Station, right Crystal Palace Parade, ahead Crystal Palace Parade, right Westwood Hill, right Crystal Palace Park Road, ahead High Street Penge to line of route.

Route 410 towards Croydon

From Crystal Palace Parade at Anerley Hill, ahead Church Road, left Sylvan Hill, right Auckland Road to line of route.

Route 354 towards Penge

From Elmers End Road at Croydon Road, right Croydon Road, ahead Croydon Road, left High Street Penge, right Crooket Billet Bus stand.

Route 354 towards Beckenham

From Crooket Billet bus stand, left High Street, right Croydon Road, ahead Croydon Road, left Elmers End Road to line of route.

The route 354 diversion is necessary as the expected congestion on egress at Thicket Road and Anerley Park is expected to be very high for the Station access.

All buses on diversion please serve stops on diversion if requested.

POLICING – abridged letter from Ross, September 8, 2021

…you will no doubt be aware that Wireless Festival is to take place this Friday, Saturday & Sunday in Crystal Palace Park.  I understand having such a large event taking place nearby may be concerning, but the policing plan for Wireless has been resourced centrally & the amount of officers deployed to it is significant.  I have seen the policing plan (sorry, I’m not permitted to share the document itself) & to summarise, each day we have well over 400 officers including mounted officers & public order officers assigned to keep this event & local area safe.  I hope this will reassure you all that should there be crime or anti social behaviour linked to Wireless, that we are in a very good position to deal with it.  Attached is a document from event organisers with some further information regarding the management of the festival & also contact details for their community team, so please reach out to them if you have further queries.

One final thing regarding Wireless.  If on Friday/Saturday/Sunday there is something occurring in the area that you believe in linked to Wireless Festival & you want to call it into police, then please say you believe it is Wireless related when you contact us.  The reason for this is that the call handlers will need to direct the call to the correct officers to deal with.  If you simply said something is occurring on street XYZ Street in Dulwich, then it will get sent hard stretched Southwark Officers.  If you also mention that you believe it’s linked to people at or going to/from Wireless, then the call will be sent to some of the many officers assigned to this event to deal with, so you will get a better & quicker response.  I hope that makes sense.

PC Ross Kennedy 2222AS
Dulwich Wood Ward Safer Neighbourhood Team

Festival Egress and transport locations

“TFL have implemented bus diversions, which will be in place across the weekend.

More info, and latest updates check:

Bromley Application for a premises licence Festival Republic:

As of 8th September, the Wireless event end times were changed, and Wireless events bow end 9.30pm Fri to Sunday.  The following earlier summary from Festival Republic has the wrong end times for Wireless.

RESIDENT’S ONLINE MEETING – WIRELESS FESTIVAL (CRYSTAL PALACE PARK). Expect some local disruption during this Major Event, attracting up about 40,000 per day (10th, 11th, 12th September), and requireing a major police operation.

If you live or work local to Crystal Palace Park, then it is recommended you attend to find out more about Wireless Festival and about road closures between 10th and 12th September around the Crystal Palace Park. Some living near the site will receive a “leaflet”, hopefully this will be put online too.
Some residents and businesses still have questions regarding the traffic arrangements for Wireless Festival. They have set up a Q&A for Thursday September 2nd at 6:30pm – 7:30pm.

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