Friends of Gipsy Hill

What We Do
Our Mission

‘Friends of of Gipsy Hill is a communty group that is committed to inspiring residents’ involvment and sustanianable use of local spaces for community wellbeing’

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  • Wellbeing – Improving community wellbeing, through activity and neighbourliness
  • Place – Using our local community’s assets, inspiration and potential to create public spaces that improve wellbeing
  • Resilience – Adaptable to change, growing community knowledge and improving local capabilities
  • Inclusive – Welcoming, open to all & activity aimed at improving community inclusivity
  • Connected – Community involvement, sharing ideas and volunteering
  • Sustainable – Minimising the impact on our environment, recycling and greening for long term benefit

About Us
Get involved

Friends of Gipsy Hill is always looking for ways to support the local community to be greener and more sustainable. We welcome everyone living locally to become involved in projects. There are many ways you can help and be part of it.

We’d love to hear from you.

Stay up to date

• Send an email to to join our emailing list.
• Check our events page:
• Follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.
• Sign up on our website for automatic news updates
• Check the local noticeboards at the Platform 1 Gipsy Hill Station exit (Sainsbury Road)

Roll up your sleeves!

Action Days at the Community Garden • Friends of Gipsy Hill has cleared up and created a Community Garden at Gipsy Hill Station behind Platform 1. We are in the process of a similar community garden project in the stretch of land further along Sainsbury Road, that links to the Berridge Estate basketball court.
Join one of the monthly ‘Action Days’ at our Community Garden, between 10am to 2pm. The entrance to the garden is by Platform 1 on Sainsbury Road. Everyone, including families, is welcome* to stay for as long as they wish. We do all sorts of activities including planting, pruning, strimming, potting, painting, watering, litter picking and building new garden projects. See events page and Facebook page for Action Day announcements.

The Great Gipsy Hill Gardeners • We have set up a Whatsapp group of volunteers who help with ad hoc gardening at our Community Garden. This is ideal for helping for an hour or two mid-week or on summer evenings. Lead gardeners use Whatsapp when on site and when looking for help. Email us to be added to the group.

Improve Gipsy Road and Gipsy Hill streets • Friends of Gipsy Hill has organised and managed improvements to Gipsy Road and Gipsy Hill, including new planters and flower beds, the Gipsy Hill mural, artwork competitions for pole banners, seating and trees. We have made the pocket of space by the Great Southern, Spice Hill and Fresh’n’Go more attractive and usable, including for temporary installations and events, such at our Community Tree and live performances to bring hope to local residents. We often get together to clean up, tidy and add planting to Gipsy Road and Gipsy Hill. Email us if you’re interested in helping and  check our Facebook page for upcoming dates.

Join the Gipsy Hill Heritage Project Team • Friends of Gipsy Hill occasionally organises community engagement events, such as the Gipsy Hill History Meetup. We collaborate with other local groups and residents to piece together the rich heritage of our area and improve knowledge about our place and community. The information gathered will form the foundations of our Gipsy Hill Heritage
Project, which aims to mark key places and events, and highlight our diversity and unique sense of identity. Email us to find out more or to get involved

Station Partnership • Friends of Gipsy have a partnership with Gipsy Hill Station, through which we support and promote station improvements.

Volunteer for Events
• We are always cooking up and planning new projects, such as the hugely successful Village Fete on Long Meadow held in July 2019, the community Christmas Tree, Petanque at the Garden, and are always looking for volunteers. Email us if you would like to get involved.

Share your skills
• Would you like to be more involved in doing or leading on local projects? Join our committee and help shape the work we do, from project management to communications and more. Email us and let us know how you can contribute.

New ideas • Friends of Gipsy Hill supports many community-led initiatives in the area, from flower bed planting to fundraising for meals and Christmas present appeals. If you have an idea for a project or would like support with yours, get in touch by email. We will try our best to help and to identify funding if required.

Friends of Gipsy Hill funds bigger projects through grants, supported where necessary by crowdfunding, which, along with sponsorship from local businesses, is also used to fund smaller scale initiatives. We also deliver project-based activities, like the Village Fete on Long Meadow, Gipsy Hill Christmas Tree and improvements at our community station gardens. Projects are often a mixture of partnership working, grants, local crowdfunding and sponsorship from local businesses.

COMMITEE • Friends of Gipsy Hill is a Constituted Group. We work on projects on Gipsy Hill parts of Southwark and Lambeth. To find out more please Email us. The current committee is:
• Francis Bernstein (co-Chair & co-Treasurer) • Chris Binsted (co-Chair & Secretary) • Nancy Cooper • Daniel Edge • Andy Scholes (co-Treasurer) •

For any other information or questions, contact us at We’d love to hear from you.


* Safeguarding – Friends of Gipsy Hill are committed to maintaining safe premises and practices and ensuring that those who work with children are safe to do so. However, our events are managed in such a way that where children are present, they are always in the care of their parent or guardian and no member of the group is ever expected to be in the care of a child that is not related to them.

 It’s a Growing thing!

Find us on facebook too.   Email us at: Tweet us @OurGipsyHill