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Latest updates

7th June 2023 – Summer is finally here.. and Fanny is 12 years old!  HUGE Thank you for so many lovely comments, and presents too!

30 March 2023 – Fanny has her first sleep over in her home from home in Gipsy Hill station community garden.  She was seen busy patrolling the platform and checking the gardens.  Now back home again, but hope will have more day warm sunny visits!

1st Feb 2023 – Been a long warm winter at home for Fanny.


1st November 2022 – Visit to Paxton vets for routine check up and treatments. Fanniy is doing really well!
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10th October 2022 – Fanny enjoying the warn Autumn sun!


7th June 2022 – It’s her Fannyversary! Fanny is 11 years old today!


22nd April 2022 – Fanny pottering in the garden…


31st March 2022Gentle paw steps out in the station garden today. HUGE thank you to volunteers for purrrfect brushing and looking after me.


28th March 2022 – Fanny still not 100% purrrr-cent well. So staying home.


23rd March 2022 – Fanny not too well.. but has HUGE support and get well wishes from her many friends!

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3rd February 2022
It’s a great start to the New Year… and Fanny has top marks from the vets! She is a healthy weight and looking good at her regularly 3 monthly check up!


1st December 2021
Fanny is now spending most days (and nights) at home… warm and cosy… with her owner and two cats friends for companyShe still loves going to Gipsy Hill station communty garden, and when popping outside… she does sometimes make her way to check in on Gipsy Hill station! At home, her bed is high up in the kitchen, and, she also loves sleeping in her own window hammock too.

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23th November 2021
To celebrate Fanny the Gipsy Hill cat being 10 years old this year, you can purchase a special edition Fanny the Gipsy Hill cat Calendar 2022!  But be quick as ordering closes 1st December…

November 2021
As nights are getting colder, Fanny will be moving back with owner, who lives nearby the station. However, you will still see Fanny at the communty garden during some days, as she loves going there!

1st Octobter 2021
Fanny is doing well, and had a 10th aniversaey summer in our communty station garden. Fanny was 10 this year!

20211016_153248 20210819_151952

1st June 2021
Fanny looks to be enjoying the summer… and welcoming her many friends… or resting in the community station gardens…

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20210530_163540 20210530_182234
18th April 2021

Fanny looks to be enjoying the warmer weather… and her new second home from home. Due to foxes we are trying a new ‘home from home’ with cat flaps… and so her original ‘home from home’ can be repaired. Fanny loves here new dublex apartment, and in particular the cooler ground floor!

5th April 2021

Fanny has got much stronger thanks to amazing and kind support from so many of her Fanny Friends.  She still needs ongoing vet visits and is being monitored. Fanny is having trips to the station to gently see how she copes, weather permitting. When not at the station, Fanny stays with her owner who lives very nearby.

Fanny is often seen on the platform or relaxing in the Friends of Gipsy Hill community garden next to platform1.  Please don’t leave out food for Fanny on the platform, as we are having problems with foxes.  If people would like to help Fanny, then the website page is best to share.


20th Feb 2021
Latest news… “Fanny is slowly recovering. Her skin and fur is a lot better , she is starting to explore her home home more as she gets stronger

6th Feb 2021
Uptate from Fanny’s owner “She is eating well , think she has put some weight on . And she likes to play with her new toys”.

26th Jan 2021
Fanny had further medical treatment at the vets. They had welcome news Fanny has put on weight following her infection.

20th Jan 2021
After several visits to the vet, Fanny is being treated for fleas and a bacterial infection. She has had antibiotic injections and is on a course of tablets.  She is still poorly but is starting to eat and drink again, which was a concern over the last few days. Her owner is looking after her and keeping her inside. She is comfortable and missing you all. We’ll keep you posted on her progress. Thank you for your support.

Letter from Fanny’s Owner:
“I am totally overwhelmed by the kindness and support from so many who asked about her, and those who have contributed to her medical needs. She is such a special cat, with a really special community. It has been very moving reading her lovely comments from so many made, that Friends of Gipsy Hill have compiled for me. 

Fanny may need to stay in, probably most of Feburary until cold weather has passed, and that her new set of treatments have all been done, But. I will try and share photos and updates as I can. But, she already is wearing her new Fanny tag and collar to get ready!”

16th Jan 2021
Fanny is not well, and sadly needed trips to the vets as her condition was not responding to treatements.  Xray thankfully looks clear, and blood tests needed to be taken to better understand her infection and treatment.

5th Jan 2021
Fanny is home and super snug and out of the cold!  She has not been eatnig well. so being kept warm indoors she can be properly checked.

Friends of Fanny the Cat – what you can do to help!

Fanny the Gipsy Hill cat has many friends.  Fanny also has a local owner who lives very close to where Fanny MOST prefers being… at Gipsy Hill station… where she spends most of her time and meeting everyone there! A small team of volunteers also helps with Fanny when she stays at the station and in our Community Garden by platform 1.

Over Christmas 2020/21 with the cold weather and in discussions with her owner it was decided to take Fanny indoors and to give her a health check. Unfortunately she was not in the best condition and was showing signs of illness which resulted in trips to the vet and tests.  Her condition wasn’t improving and we thought we’d offer to help. With lots of people looking out for Fanny we felt we needed to let people know of her condition and offer a way to help.

Friends of Gipsy Hill have set up a donation fund solely reserved for looking after Fanny,   (click here if you wish to donate).  They will oversee the fund use and will provide updates.

For those new to Fanny, find Fanny’s amazing story on this link, where she was saved by the local community in 2016 after a nasty road accident, thanks to a crowdfunder that paid for her emergency surgery.

Do share on twitter your favourite photo of Fanny the cat, or email Fanny at and follow her instragram (#thegipsyhillcat).



Find us on facebook too.   Email us at:  gipsyhillfriends@gmail.comTweet us:  @OurGipsyHill


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