Who is Fanny the Gipsy Hill Cat?

Fanny the Cat is well-known to the commuters who travel through Gipsy Hill station, where she can often be found sitting on passengers’ laps or sat atop the contactless card readers on Platform 1!

Back in 2016, the local Gipsy Hill community rallied round to help Fanny after she was hit by a car. Fanny needed emergency treatment for a ruptured diaphragm, which was estimated in the region of £2,000. Upon hearing the devastating news, Fanny’s fans set up an emergency fundraising page to pay for her emergency operation which, thanks to generosity of the community, reached its target within just one hour!

Fanny’s community friends once again rallied round when she became seriously ill in December 2020 with a severe infection, and £880 in donations was raised to help get Fanny well again. After many months of nursing at home with her owner and numerous vet visits and treatments, she was back visiting Gipsy Hill Station when the warmer weather came.

Fanny is a very special cat, with a very special local community at Gipsy Hill. You can keep up-to-date with all of Fanny the Cat’s news here: Friends of Fanny the Cat

Fanny also has her own twitter and Instagram accounts, where you can find her @TheGipsyHillCat, and a video with over over 2.1 million views on Facebook!  You can email Fanny too Fanny@gipsyhillfriends.org

If you would like help support Fanny, the much-loved Gipsy Hill cat, she has a dedicated Fanny the Gipsy Hill Cat Fund for donations.

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