‘British Railways Gipsy Hill’ station sign

After being contacted by the owner of the original ‘British Railways Gipsy Hill’ station sign in 2020, Friends of Gipsy Hill crowdfunded to bring this original piece of Gipsy Hill heritage back to its home for the local community to enjoy.

The sign is an original from the 1950s which was installed after the UK railways were nationalised, and was retired in 1982 when the Network South East business unit was formed. After being purchased in South Yorkshire in 2009 it found a home down in Devon before being acquired by Friends of Gipsy Hill and brought back to SE19. Having been framed and looked after so well over the years it is in a remarkable condition, despite being over 70 years old!

At 3m long and 66cm tall, Friends of Gipsy Hill crowdfunded the money to collect the sign and bring it back to Gipsy Hill, and also maintain it at its current condition and display it securely in the garden.

Not only were we able to return the sign back to its home in Gipsy Hill but, thanks to a Friends of Gipsy Hill history project event, we even discovered the sign’s original location at Gipsy Hill Station!:

The British Railways Gipsy Hill station sign can now be found in the Gipsy Hill station garden next to Platform 1, on Sainsbury Road:

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