What we do

Gipsy Hill Community Garden

Friends of Gipsy Hill have cleared up and created a Community Garden at Gipsy Hill Station (behind Platform 1).  We are in the process of a similar community garden project in the stretch of land further along Sainsbury Road, that links to the Berridge Estate basketball court.

Improving Gipsy Hill & Gipsy Road streets

Friends of Gipsy Hill have organised and managed improvements to Gipsy Road and Gipsy Hill, including new planters and flower beds, the Gipsy Hill mural, artwork competitions for streetlight banners, seating and trees. We have made the pocket of space by the Great Southern, Spice Hill and Fresh’n’Go more attractive and usable, including for temporary installations and events like our Community Tree and live performances to bring hope to local residents during 2020 (and beyond!) 

Station Partnership

Friends of Gipsy have a partnership with Gipsy Hill Station, through which we support and promote station improvements.