Gipsy Road – Some Exciting News

It’s been a busy year on Gipsy Road, we’ve been planting, removing fly posting stickers, litter picking, building and repairing planters and secured funding for our lamp post banners for another year... and building new planters!


With the support of local Businesses, we’ve been working in collaboration with Lambeth Council and Father Nature to find ways we can improve the general streetscape, to support local traders, add even more greenery and to find a way to hide those pesky commercial bins!

UPDATE. DELIVERED!!! Coming very soon, many of the large commercial bins will be screened off and housed in custom built enclosures with planters added around them. They are being custom designed for the space so as to maximise planting room, whilst keeping the footways fully accessible.

They will help to keep the street tidy, create designated and safe locations for commercial bins and create new planting sites for the community to enjoy. We have also arranged for the trees to be re-supported and given some much needed attention.

The primary goal of this project is to hide Steel and plastic commercial bins with greenery in a manner that does not interfere with their use by the local businesses and waste removal professionals. 

When Father Nature creates a garden one of the first questions we pose ourselves revolves around what we call the ‘line of desire’ – A route or path that takes you from one place to another in the most stimulating and enjoyable way. We plan to bring some of this approach to Gipsy road. So, it is not just camouflage that we are creating but a series of islands of green that grow with the years and vary with the seasons. 

Planting climbers that grow over the trellis surround to the bins is key. But we can also attract pollinators, as well as a curious and engaged local community.  So, we are also planting herbs, grasses and flowering plants and can arrange planting parties that connect the people of Gipsy Road to the idea that this is a landscape as well as a street. Beautifying the streetscape also helps to create a go to place within the area that will help businesses here.

Father Nature,

It’s been a project a long time in the making, so a HUGE thank you to Lambeth Council, Father Nature and all of the local traders who have been brilliant!

Work will start in the next couple of weeks in time for us to plant bulbs for the Spring, so keep an eye out for a much tidier and greener Gipsy Road in the very near future!

We will be looking for volunteers to help with watering and general upkeep in the spring and we’d love to hear your ideas of what bulbs and colours you would like to see planted on Gipsy Road!

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