Can you find nisse!


Local families came together in the Friends of Gipsy Hill station garden to help make decorations for our community Christmas tree, and, to help make a family of new guardians for the garden called ‘nisse’.  The nisse now live in the garden.  In norse folklore, the nisse are traditionally associated as being guardians of the farmstead. Sometimes, you may see a family of nisse outside the front door of someone’s home. Our ones will be guardians of our garden during deep midwinter.

In folklore nisse like to stay hidden from humans. Can you help us find them? 

Have a look through the fence of the station garden and see if you can spot them. If you do spot one, share a photograph of them on social media to help us and others find them!   Share on facebookTwitterInstagram.  They are very short, have a white beard, and wear a cap in grey, red or some other bright colour. We think one of them has a likeness to Margaret Finch, Queen of the Gypsies, in her brown cloak.

Good nisse looking!

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