Our station area improvements!

Huge THANK YOU to Lambeth Council and Southern Rail and Network Rail in supporting a host of improvements around Gipsy Hill Station.  And, an extra HUGE thank you to everyone in the Gipsy Hill community who suggested, contributed, and filled in post-it notes at local Friends of Gipsy Hill events, and at our last Village Green Fete on Long Meadow!  

Gipsy Hill Platform 1 Entrance – the bins!

This was epic partnership working.  With the Friends of Gipsy Hill the custodians of the community garden areas each side of the entrance, we’ve been able to relocate the multiple station Euro bins that were blocking the entrance.  This has transformed the area, and improved visibility for seeing (and being seen by) Sainsbury Road drivers. Thank you to Veolia Lambeth for installing and maintaining our new pedestrian street bin on the footway  All these changes add up and also makes it much nice for Fanny the Gipsy Hill cat too. 

No longer do we have bins blocking the entrance..


Gipsy Hill Platform 1 Entrance – the road crossing!

Thanks to Lambeth Council initiatives to improve Gipsy Hill and feedback the community, these works were enhanced to create a safer crossing area at our only step free station entrance.  Still not ideal, but, is a big step in the right direction to make this crossing area safer.  Also, notice we have new warning signs too!

We now have this… bins are gone, and we have a better and safer crossing


Gipsy Hill – “Station Square”
Thanks to Lambeth Council funding and again following feedback…we’ve been able to do some public realm improvements on Gipsy Hill around the station.  This has seen a Landmark tree installed, two lovely new planting areas, and tidying up of area. Even better, one of the new planting areas is pre-prepared to allow us… for the first time ever.. to have a Christmas Tree installed on Gipsy Hill too!

Concept before…

And, taking form… and digging in the biggest Liquidamber Styraciflua we can find… with help from Father Nature

Allowing us to have our first Gipsy Hill community carol singing thanks to Christ Church and their merry band!

Gipsy Hill – the adopted verge!
Althouth on the Southwark part of Gipsy Hill, Lambeth funded the new footway replacement, installed the new “green” verges.  And in no time at all, our Gipsy Hill Gardeners adopted the new verges nearest to the Station!

Adding living colour to our station bridge area…


Gipsy Hill – station planters.
And not forgetting all the ongoing support from Southern station staff who help water the planters at the main station entrance!

With even more station area improvements to come…
Following the epic community crowdfunder success, we will be returning a piece of local Gipsy Hill history back to the station!  We also have ongoing work to level the Station community garden ground, and to stabilise pathways from the entrance to allow wider accessibility.

And.. the epic new Station bridge mural thanks to Network Rail and Lionel Stanhope… and more too!  Watch this space!

We’ve come a long way… and all because of lovely local cat called Fanny, and the amazing Gipsy Hill commuity!

Social Impact summary:

  • Analysis and assessment
  • Engagement with community, participation
  • Advisory, to stakeholders 
  • Adopted spaces
  • Local partnership working
  • Cultural Impact, public art (banner, mural)
  • Sustainability, improved ecology

Read more about how we started with a Spacehive crowdfunder and our Mayor of London award).

Find us on facebook too.   Email us at:  gipsyhillfriends@gmail.comTweet us:  @OurGipsyHill

Web:  www.gipsyhillfriends.org

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