Fanny the Gipsy Hill cat

For those who don’t know Fanny… she’s our lovely local cat that loves Gipsy Hill station and it’s many visitors!

Fanny was helped by the very kind help of the local Gipsy Hill community in 2016

Fanny needed emergency treatment after she was hit by by a car.  Fanny’s owners were told that their pet had a ruptured diaphragm, and would need surgery costing in the region of £2,000.

Upon hearing the devastating news, Fanny’s fans set up a fundraising page to pay for treatement.  Once the fundraising site was set up it reached its target within just an hour!

Thanks to that AMAZIMG local communtiy support, Fanny is well-known to MANY commuters who travel through Gipsy Hill station, where she can often be found sitting on passengers’ laps or offering herself up for a stroke.

Fanny is a very special cat, with a very special local communty at Gipsy Hill!

She even has her own twitter account: @TheGipsyHillCat  and a video…



A message from a Gipsy Hill Friend

Hello commuters. I’m Fanny The Gipsy Hill cat. Even though I’m little, I was born all the way back in 2011. I really enjoy coming to see you all and keeping your laps warm!

I have a loving home nearby with Quiche the ginger tom and a couple of humans. They feed me well and I have lots of nice, clean and warm beds.

Thank you for stroking me and making me so well known on social media.

Feel free to post your selfies with me on Twitter:  @TheGipsyHillCat

And please keep my corner litter free.

I don’t even need cat litter



Find Friends of Gipsy Hill on facebook .   Email us at:
Tweet us @OurGipsyHill


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