The Journey Begins… for Gipsy Hill Friends

Welcome to Gispy Hill Friends!  We are friendly local community group to support Gipsy Hill, the local area, the station, and green spaces and uniting our historic street between Lambeth and Southwark, the community from bottom to the top of the hill!

However steep we think the hill is today… we need to thank the the local community for financing the 42 folk in 1832, who were paid to reduce its steepness!  It was reported at the time: “the reduction of the hill is nine feet at the top, declination one foot in twelve, so it may now be called a trotting hill“.  The hill was not always called Gipsy Hill as it is was today, it was known then as Beaulieu Hill.
From Lambeth Archives Landmark website.

The aims of the group are:-

  • To promote practical environmental enhancement works especially by volunteers for the benefit of the Gipsy Hill community and its train passengers.
  • To publicise and raise awareness of the benefits of ‘green transport plans’, the train, and attractions of the Gipsy Hill station area and its environs
  • To encourage community involvement and ownership, particularly by young people and schools, in conservation, environment and associated education artworks, poetry, competition, and community activities at the station and its environs.
  • To encourage local businesses to improve the Gipsy Hill area, their own properties, and in sponsoring environmental enhancements at the station area and its environs.
  • To campaign for improved infrastructure facilities and services for Gipsy Hill.
  • To work in partnership with relevant and local stakeholders to achieve these aims.



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