Friends Rejuvenation of Gipsy Hill

Help make it real… a community garden by Gipsy Hill Station!

WITH THE HELP OF THE COMMUNITY… we plan to help transform the environmentally impoverished land by Gipsy Hill Station into a wildlife habitat, an educational and community space, and a beautiful green garden!


Gipsy Hill Station adjoining land has deteriorated considerably, making the station less enjoyable to use and engendering a sense of elevated risk when in the immediate environs. Several parts of the land behind Platform 1 are fenced off and currently in a very poor state, making them subject to littering and fly tipping, and are generally unkempt along the side roads making them feel unpleasant. We need your help to improve this neglected area.

The idea is to undertake significant environmental improvements to the area and to make it a more enjoyable, safer and positive place for all those who live and work around it. This would be achieved by upgrading the green space around the station, enhancing the diversity of vegetation and wildlife, and fostering strong community involvement.

AND WE HAVE ALREADY STARTED!!!   With our clean up sessions we, and Fanny our local friendly Gipsy Hill cat, can see the differece! But. To do more, we need backers for the crowndfunding…

….and help create a Gipsy Hill communtiy garden!

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