Christmas Tree for Gipsy Hill

Please help support funding our first community Christmas tree for Gipsy Hill!   The Friends of Gipsy Hill and Lambeth Council have already installed a dedicated Christmas tree ‘pit’ on Gipsy Hill with (all going to plan) a power supply for tree lighting. To make our tree special, we want local individuals, families and businesses to contribute and to send us their own messages of hope, wishes, reflections which we will make for you and secure around the tree with ribbons.  Click here to support:

Gipsy Hill Christmas Tree Crowdfunder

You can also sponsor a 3D printed bauble and add your message to the ribbon tag. Local businesses can place messages on special banners around the tree.  Overall funding also means we can purchase Christmas Tree lights too (which we can re-use for future years).

Suggested donations are shown as rewards. If we meet target, additional funds will help allow us to light up parts of the Station Garden, and allow us to dress the local area in festive spruce, as well as supporting the local area in what could be another difficult time for many locally.

Find us on facebook too.   Email Friends of Gipsy Hill at: .  Tweet us:  @OurGipsyHill Web:

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