Improving streets on Gipsy Hill – Decision!

Decision details!

Gipsy Hill Our Streets- Neighbourhood Enhancement Programme Phase 3


The following Our Streets initiatives are agreed (here) for Gipsy Hill ward in document Our Streets Gipsy Hill scheme approval ODDR.pdf:-

a) Gipsy Road junction with Auckland Hill: new pedestrian refuge, speed table and waiting restrictions. Cost: £31,500.

b) Gipsy Road: new zebra crossing and speed table outside Kingswood School (Upper Site). Cost: £34,500

c) Gipsy Road junction with Salters Hill: Change junction geometry, new pedestrian refuge and waiting restrictions. Cost: £21,500

d) Clive Road junction with Carnac Street: new speed table. Cost: £24,500

e) Gipsy Hill: General improvements to public realm with waiting restrictions near station. Cost: £20,300

f) Other waiting restrictions: Cost: £5,000

g) Additional 20mph signs and road markings: Add to various streets to encourage drivers to adhere to the speed limit. Cost: £4,000.

h) Street trees: Plant 45 new trees to locations as identified in consultation: Cost £23,200

i) Paxton Place and Vale Street: Improve pedestrian safety and accessibility by adding bollards and dropped kerbs as necessary. Cost: £1,000



Accompanying Documents:

Improving streets on Gipsy Hill – Consultation!

“Let us know what you think about our proposals for improving streets in Gipsy Hill.” Lambeth asks here……/have-your-say-on-streets-in-gi…

There is a “Gipsy Hill drop-in session” to attend to find out more:

Saturday 22 September 2018 – 1pm to 4pm
Kingswood primary school
188 Gipsy Road, SE27 9RD

 Do let know your thoughts for Gipsy Hill improvements!



Find us on facebook too.   Email us at: Tweet us @OurGipsyHill

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