Gipsy Hill Support Local Map

Welcome to Gipsy Hill’s new map of local shops and services operating during Covid19 times that the local community are helping to update:

It is a community built and maintained list of businesses and services in around Gipsy Hill, so please check with traders for their most up to date information.

To help keep our Gipsy Hill Support Local map up to date, everyone locally is encouraged to submit amendments for the latest information:

  • If you see an entry that doesn’t look right (or is out of date), click ‘Suggest an edit’, and correct the information.
  • If you are aware of a business or service now operating that is not listed, click ‘Submit a location’ from the top navigation menu.

All additions and modifications are moderated by the Friends of Gipsy Hill. The map team contact email for help or feedback.

Huge shout out to Edwin Lyons for helping Friends of Gipsy Hill to create. Thank you too, to Mapbox, and their Mapbox Community team, for sponsoring our map.

Find us on facebook too.   Email us at:  gipsyhillfriends@gmail.comTweet us:  @OurGipsyHill